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Ceiling Fan Air Movement (CFM)

The air movement rating for a ceiling fan is an important factor when selecting a ceiling fan. CFM stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute. When selecting a fan the CFM rating is based off the ceiling fan with it's current blade span on the highest speed. Typically fans that are above 6000 CFM are great air movers with a high quality motor.

3000 - 4000 CFM

3000 to 4000 CFM

Typically your lower air movers will fall within this category. Small fans for small spaces or generally lower tier fans that don't move as much air will move 3000 to 4000 CFM.

4000 - 5000 CFM

4000 to 5000 CFM

Fans that move 4000 to 5000 CFM are typically for general sized bedrooms for a decent price.

5000 - 6000 CFM

5000 to 6000 CFM

Ceiling Fans that move 5000 to 6000 CFM are considered great air movers for their blade span. You will find some of the mid-level to upper-tier rated ceiling fans that give you exceptional air movement in this category.

6000 - 7000 CFM

6000 to 7000 CFM

Ceiling Fans that move 6000 to 7000 CFM are typically a great air mover and usually are equipped with a top-of-the-line motor and/or a large direct drive motor for exceptional air movement. These are some of the best ceiling fans in the ceiling fan industry.

7000 - 8000 CFM

7000 to 8000 CFM

7000 to 8000 CFM ceiling fans are typically for large living areas, living rooms, or large master bedrooms or big outdoor areas. Some ceiling fans that fall within this air movement range are suitd as well for large industrial areas as well.

8000+ CFM

8000 or more CFM

Hurricanes beware! Some of the large spanned fans with huge direct drive motors can move exceptional amounts of air. That's where the 8000 or more CFM category comes into play. You'll find very large ceiling fans here that have some of the highest ratings in terms of air movement in the ceiling fan industry.

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