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Ceiling Fan Motor Quality

There are many types of motors and various sizes of motors available in the ceiling fan industry. There are direct drive motors which come in different sizes measured by (mm) millimeters. There are energy efficient DC Motors which are the most cost efficient ceiling fans on the market. And there are 220 volt motors which are specifically made for international use.

DC Motor

DC Motor

The new hit to the industry is the DC Motor, embodying the highest quality of manufacturing design, form, and function.

High Air Movers

High Air Mover

These fans include the top-of-the-line motor and are some of the best air movers in the ceiling fan industry.

Very Good

Large Direct Drive Motors

The most air movement you are going to get from a ceiling fan is from some of the largest direct drive motors that exist. With a large blade span and a high degree blade pitch combined with a large direct drive motor you will get one powerful ceiling fan as a result.


High Performance Quiet Ceiling Fans offers only high quality ceiling fans, but certain fan motors stand out from the rest due to their excellent motor quality and design.

These high performance ceiling fans are industry leaders in terms of top motor quality, low noise, and solid durability. Examples of these excellent motors include the Casablanca XLP-2000, Emerson K55XL, Fanimation FK2100, and DC Motors.

220 Volt Fans

220 Volt International Ceiling Fans

We only have a select few of 220volt ceiling fans that we currently offer. Fanimation is one of our main brands that offer 220 volt ceiling fans for international use (outside of the U.S.). Call 1-877-724-2326 for more international options.

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