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Ceiling Fans with Lights

Here at we offer a wide variety of Ceiling Fans with Lights which include fans with included down lights, up lights, and both a combination of down lights and up lights. Lighting for ceiling fans vary from Compact Fluorescent, Incadescent, Candelabra, and the rare LED. Here you can choose the location of the included light with your ceiling fan and deeper in the ceiling fan filter you can choose further on what type of bulb is equipped with the ceiling fan.

Downlight Included

Ceiling Fans with Downlight

A simple solution of having overhead lighting and a ceiling fan is to purchase Ceiling Fans with Downlight. Ceiling Fans in this section will include a light for your room. There are variety of ceiling fans that include a down light from bowl light fixtures, contemporary dome light fixtures, three-light fixtures with shades, and four-light fixtures with shades. The most light your going to get from a ceiling fan would be from a four-light fixture, but don't count out the aesthetic and functionality of a bowl light fixture or dome light fixture. Further filter light fixtures by bulb type to get the maximum lighting from your ceiling fan.

Uplight Included

Ceiling Fans with Uplights

Indirect lighting above a ceiling fan adds a gentle luminescent ambiance to the room it is in. Both graceful and functional, uplights on ceiling fans provide extra light in a room in an elegant manner.

Up and Down Light

Ceiling Fans with Up and Down Light

Some fans are fully equipped with lighting, fans that are fully eqipped fall into the Ceiling Fans with Up and Down Light category. These fans include a downlight to light the room and application, as well as including an up light perfect for ambiance and a really subtle effect that shines towards the ceiling. These fans have it all in terms of lighting and ambiance!

Light Adaptable

Light Adaptable / Light Optional Ceiling Fans

Light Adaptable / Light Optional Ceiling Fans are perfect for custom applications. A fan can be purchased for your room that you don't necessarily need a light in, but if you decide later it can always be added to the ceiling fan. Or on the other hand if you have a specific preference in lighting and it's not included with the ceiling fan you can always add a custome light fixture or light fitter and select from a variety of glass bowls and glass shades to perfectly match your application.

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