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About Downrods

Downrod Lengths to Ceiling Height

While most fans come with an included downrod standard for an 8’ ceiling, this may not suit your application. Thus, each manufacturer offers select sizes of downrod and here is what we recommend to use at which ceiling height.

  • 8’ Ceiling – Standard Downrod (Included) unless the fan requires a 9’ or 10’ ceiling (fan specific).
  • 9’ Ceiling – 6” Downrod
  • 10’ Ceiling – 12” Downrod
  • 11’ Ceiling – 18” Downrod
  • 12’ Ceiling – 24” Downrod
  • 13’ Ceiling – 36” Downrod
  • 14’ Ceiling – 48” Downrod
  • 15’ Ceiling – 60” Downrod
  • 16’ Ceiling – 72” Downrod
  • 18’ Ceiling – 96” Downrod (Casablanca only)
  • Downrod Coupler
    A coupler is the joint in which two downrods can be connected together to further lengthen a downrod beyond what is sold individually. Each coupler is manufacturer specific as are the downrods.

  • Common Questions

  • How low should a ceiling fan hang?
    Ceiling fans should not hang any lower than 7 ft. from the floor.
  • Can I purchase a custom size downrod?
    Downrods, if not threaded at both ends can be custom cut but cannot be purchased at a custom length.
  • Can I purchase any type of downrod for my ceiling fan?
    Most of all downrods are manufacturer specific and not likely to be found at local hardware stores. Some downrods can be used with other manufacturers but is not recommended. Some fans have exclusive downrods which may only be used with specific models of fans.
  • Wobbling & Your downrod. What could the problem be?
    Majority of our fans we sell have a hanging ball that goes into a bracket within the canopy on the ceiling. These hanging balls have a way they set within the bracket, and you need to make sure the hanging ball has ‘set’ into the bracket or else you may have a potential ceiling fan wobble on your hands.
  • How can I tell if my fan requires a 9 ft. ceiling or higher?
    Most fans that have and up-light or a large upper motor housing require a 9 ft. ceiling or higher. Please call our toll free number for more information. 1-877-322-6700.

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