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About Low or Sloped Ceilings

Low Ceiling Adapter

Low Ceiling adapters are available for every manufacturer, but not available for every fan as some cannot accept low ceiling adapters. All low ceiling adapters are different per manufacturer and can save you about 4-6” depending on which manufacturer it is. Ideally, unless stated otherwise, all fans come with a short downrod standard for an 8’ ceiling. Low Ceiling Adapters are not too common but definitely worth it if you need to save a few more inches on your fan. For more information on specific low ceiling adapters for manufacturers, check the Manufacturer section of our F.A.Q. If you have any more questions, feel free to give one of our ceiling fan specialists a call at 1-877-332-6700 with your ceiling fan needs.

Slope Ceiling Kits

Slope Ceiling Kits are available for every manufacturer that we have available. Every manufacturer is different with the requirements of a sloped ceiling adapter being needed, and ideally many consumers that are hanging their ceiling fan on a sloped ceiling will think they need one – but the case in needing a slope ceiling kit is very rare. Most ceiling fans by default work with 29-32 degree slopes with the standard mounting bracket and canopy that is included with the ceiling fan. If you know your ceiling has a higher degree than this we recommend you call 1-877-332-6700 and speak with one of our ceiling fan specialists about your ceiling fan requirements.

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