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About Modern Fan Company Ceiling Fans and Accessories

  • Does Modern Fan Carry any Damp or Wet Rated Ceiling Fans?
    All but three Modern Fan models (Aurora, Aurora Hugger, and Lapa) are rated and marked as “Suitable for Damp Locations”. At this time there are not Wet Location Modern Fan Company ceiling fans available.

  • I see the option for "No Control" available for my Modern Fan Ceiling Fan; is it required I purchase a control?
    While a control is not required to purchase the ceiling fan, all Modern Fan’s require a control to operate. It is highly recommended to use a Modern Fan control system with your ceiling fan than purchase a separate control from another manufacturer.

  • I see two options available for my included light fixture, what is the difference?
    The two choices available are “IN” and “ES”. “IN” stands for Incandescent, and the included light fixture is available for dimming capabilities. “ES” is for Energy Saving, and the included light fixture is available with CFL Bulbs without the ability to dim.

  • When I select between "ES" and "IN" as far as the included light fixture goes, my available control options change. What gives?
    The controls available for “IN” have the dimming capability for the incandescent bulbs. The controls available for “ES” have the dimming capability disabled for CFL bulbs.

  • How can I get the dimensions for the light fixtures that are available?
    Most light fixtures for Modern Fan do not give dimensions. If you are interested in this information please call our toll free number: 1-877-332-6700.

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