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Ceiling Fan Controls

Most if not all fans can be equipped with a wide variety of Ceiling Fan Controls. There are three types of controls that are included with a ceiling fan, and they are:
Remote Control Ceiling Fans: Fans that include a remote control are perfect for areas such as bedrooms where you don't have to get out of bed to change the settings of your ceiling fan, such as the speeds of the fan and light on/off or light dimming. Most of these ceiling fans are also adapatable to have a wall control added so you can control the fan from two locations.
Wall Control Ceiling Fans: Fans that include a wall control are perfect for living areas where you don't want to be hassled with looking for a remote control and the potential to lose it. Nowadays we have remotes for everything so adding another to the roster of controls could be quite cumbersome so that's where wall controls come in. You always remember where it is, it has all the functionality of a remote control, and it comes included with your ceiling fan!
Pull Chain Ceiling Fans: Pull Chain Ceiling Fans are the most basic of ceiling fans which don't require additional technology to operate. However pull chain ceiling fans can be upgraded to wall control and remote control systems, giving them the versatility and option availability you may require in the future but don't necessarily need now.

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