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Ceiling Fan Styles

We carry so many different Ceiling Fan Styles it's hard to sort the specific fan which will fit your application from the rest. So here we are with a full listing of available styles from contemporary and modern ceiling fans, to industrial ceiling fans whether the application be a residential bedroom or a commercial warehouse there are a variety of styles that will definitely fit your needs.

Contemporary or Modern

Contemporary - Modern Ceiling Fans

Contemporary / Modern Ceiling Fans come with a sleek style, minimalistic lines, and a contemporary dome glass on the models which include light fixtures. These fans are definitely a great addition to any room or area that has a contemporary and modern setting.

Traditional Ceiling Fans

Traditional Ceiling Fans

Some of the first ceiling fans in the industry would be considered as a Traditional Ceiling Fan. Most traditional ceiling fans include venting and a very common design amongst them with standard blades. Further add a light to accentuate your ceiling fan to go beyond the standard traditional design.

Tropical Ceiling Fans

Tropical Ceiling Fans

Tropical Ceiling Fans are designed to waft cool breezes reminiscent of an island paradise. Available for either indoor or outdoor scenarios, they add a delightful ambiance to any room or patio. Blade styles can resemble palm leaves, rattan fans, wicker or bamboo accessories, hand carved treasures and more. Essentially, they are sure to please.

Tommy Bahama Ceiling Fans have been completely discontinued and are no longer available. The original Tommy Bahama fans were manufactured by Emerson who now makes two fans in their place: The Batalie Breeze and the Kailua.


Decorative Ceiling Fans

Decorative Ceiling Fans are designed to be special. Many focus on a particular period in history, others relate to a specific region of the world, some have unique styling, but most are simply ornate and elegant.

Transitional Ceiling Fans

Transitional Ceiling Fans

The grey area between a traditional ceiling fan, a contemporary ceiling fan, and a decorative ceiling fan. The mix will result in the likes of a Transitional Ceiling Fan. These fans aren't necessarily one specific style but a blend of the various styles available grouped into the category of a transitional ceiling fan.

Vintage Ceiling Fans

Vintage Ceiling Fans

Vintage Ceiling Fans are reminiscent of times-gone-by. They can include Victorian styled ornate fans or fans that harken back to the era when ceiling fans first became en vogue. Often Vintage fans will have defined scrollwork on the motor housing, blade holders, or even the blades themselves. Vintage fans will enhance a period-specific d├ęcor or add elegance to any room.

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Industrial Ceiling Fans are more heavy duty and are generally used for work spaces. They can also be used for the home to cool off larger areas or to keep a small area extra cool. Either way, you can't go wrong with any of our Industrial Ceiling Fans.

Kids Ceilings Fans

Children's Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans for Kids can add fun, themes, or colors to any room. Their finishes range from pastels to bright primary colors. Sports themed fans include baseball and basketball. We even have a selection of airplane ceiling fans - sure to please dads and kids alike.

For the wild animal lover, desk and table fans include tigers, zebras, pandas, bears, and more. Pet lovers will enjoy our selection of cat, dog, and horse fans. We even have fans shaped like guitars, cars, and flowers - adding fun and excitement to any room.

But, kid's ceiling fans aren't just for fun and play. They can be life-saving for babies. Ceiling fans have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). And, with their delightful shapes and colors they can provide that extra visual and motion stimulus that is so important for a developing child.

Taken all together, kid's ceiling fans are sure winners!

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