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Ceiling Fans Blade Pitch

Every ceiling fan has some type of blade pitch, whether it's a specific degree or a variable / airfoiled blade. Blade pitch is based off the degree at which the blade is tilted to. The higher the degree typically the stronger the motor to push that pitch thus creating more air movement.

Up to 12 Degrees

Up to 12 Degree Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans

Small pitch ceiling fans create smooth and gentle air movement on medium speeds and draw less energy in comparison to larger blade pitches.

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13 to 15 Degrees

13 to 15 Degree Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans

The most common ceiling fans in the industry come equipped with a 13 to 15 degree blade pitch. Perfect for any location this degree of blade pitch is bound to suit you and your room well.

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16 to 18 Degrees

16 to 18 Degree Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans

Larger motor plus a larger blade pitch equals more air movement. Compare the fans motor size with the blade pitch, and check the CFM and you will realize what the combination can truly do for your application.

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19 to 21 Degrees

19 to 21 Degree Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans

Greater air movement from a greater degree pitch. 19 to 21 Degree Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans include large motors to push such a large degree of blade pitch.

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22 to 24 Degrees

22 to 24 Degree Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans

View a variety of 22 to 24 Degree Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans for your residential or commercial applications whether it be indoor or outdoor there is a blade pitch that is suited for you.

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25 Degrees and Above

25 Degree Blade Pitch and Above Ceiling Fans

Fans in this category will include some of the highest degree of blade pitch in the ceiling fan industry.

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Variable Blade Pitch Ceiling Fans

Variable Pitch / Airfoil Blades are very unique in terms of ceiling fan design. Some include the blades as a part of the motor housing while other have blades that are separate but have a unique pitch to them not similar to the standard blade pitch degree. These blades function quite differently from the standard blades as the standard blade pitch push the air while a variable pitch scoops and pushes the air simultaneously.

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