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Ceiling Fans by Finish and Color

Ceiling Fans come in a variety of finishes and colors. Here you can select the overall color category which can suit your application and match your room exactly. From the top three most popular finish types: Bronze, White, and Brushed Silvers to unique colors and types such as chrome / polished silver, novelty and children ceiling fans, to everything in between.

Bronze Ceiling Fans

Bronze Ceiling Fans

Bronze Ceiling Fans are perfect for matching your ceiling fan to dark woods and furniture which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Many specific finishes fall within the bronze category such as Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Cocoa, New Bronze, Distressed Bronze, Resoration Bronze, Bronze Accent. Every manufacturer carries multiple styles of bronze and here it can help you.

White Ceiling Fans

White Ceiling Fans

White Ceiling Fans are prefect for blending into white ceilings and not becoming a focal point in your room. Also with white ceiling fans you automatically get a sense of cleanliness with a modern contemporary feel. There are multiple types of white ceiling fans ranging from architectural white, classic white, summer white, matte white, and appliance white.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fans

Brushed Nickel fans include multiple finishes ranging from Pewter, Brushed Silver, and Brushed Steel, to Satin Nickel and Titanium fans. Most Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fans automatically give you that contemporary modern feel just with the finish alone.

Black Ceiling Fans

Black Ceiling Fans

Barbeque Black, Bullion Black, Matte Black, Textured Matte Black fans all fall within Black Ceiling Fans. From Traditional to Contemporary there is a black fan available perfect for your application.


Brass Ceiling Fans

Bring the past look of a Brass Ceiling Fan to a modern day setting. Brass Ceiling Fans include the popular Bright Brass and Antique Brass, with the one of a kind Burnished Brass finishes.

Dark Gray

Dark Gray Ceiling Fans

Dark Gray Finish Ceiling Fans include Dark Gray, Graphite and all similar finishes which fit in this category.


Novelty Ceiling Fans

Novelty Ceiling Fans are some of the most unique ceiling fans on the market. These ceiling fans range from fun fans, children ceiling fans, to unique ceiling fans. Novelty ceiling fans are definitely one-of-a-kind!

Polished Silvers

Polished Silver Ceiling Fans

As shiny as a ceiling fan can get, and as reflective as a mirror. Polished Silver Ceiling Fans include both Chrome and Polished Nickel carrying some of the most modern ceiling fans in the industry. These fans are one of a kind in terms of finish, just make sure not to leave a fingerprint when cleaning these beautiful fans.

Reddish or Copper Tones

Reddish Tones Copper Ceiling Fans

Copper Ceiling Fans that have a Reddish Tone are hard to come by, but we've found a few to give you a selection from the category. These fans have a unqieu appeal with a built in red sheen that can be seen at certain angles and definitely give your fan a unique appeal.

Tans or Golds

Tan Gold Ceiling Fans

All Tan and Gold Finish Ceiling Fans which include Light Brown, Gold, Golden Highlights and all similar finishes which fit in this category.


Weathered Finish Ceiling Fans

Weathered Ceiling Fans include some of the most popular outdoor finishes, which are: Rust, Weathed Bronze, Weathered Brick, and Rustic Iron. Definitely a very unique feel for outdoor applications, and indoor as well.


Wood Ceiling Fans

One of the newer finishes to the ceiling fan industry are Wood Ceiling Fans. These fans come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes - as well and wood finishes. Granted these fans are not made out of 100% wood, but they can sure be convincing.

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