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Ceiling Fans by Price Range

If you're looking to sort our Ceiling Fans by Price Range to better suit your budget then look no further.

Less than 100

Ceiling Fans, Floor Fans, and Table Fans for less than $100

Looking for a fan that falls within your budget that's less than $100? Well look no further, we have a quite a few fans which are less than a hundred dollars in a variety of styles and types. Whether it's a floor fan, ceiling fan, or desk fan.

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100 - 199.99

Ceiling Fans for $100 to $199

Fans ranging from a hundred dollars to two hundred dollars can be found here. Consider these fans as the entry level ceiling fans in the industry. Standard fans perfect for apartments and rental homes.

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200 - 299.99

Ceiling Fans for $200 to $299

The next step past what we would call entry level in the industry at the two hundred dollar ceiling fans to three hundred dollar ceiling fans. Some of these fans will come equipped with a light and control system which give you a great bang-for-your-buck!

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300 - 399.99

Ceiling Fans for $300 to $399

$300 to $399 fans is beginning tier to a high-end ceiling fan. These fans typically will start to include larger motors, larger variety of blade spans, and multiple light options and control system which can be added or come included with the ceiling fan.

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400 - 499.99

Ceiling Fans for $400 to $499

The standard tier to high-end ceiling fans can be found here. These fans are a true investment in terms of quality. Real wood blades, die-cast motor housings, top-of-the-line motors - That's what you can expect with your ceiling fan investment.

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500 - 599.99

Ceiling Fans for $500 to $599

High-End Ceiling Fans, period. These fans are a true investment in terms of quality. Real wood blades, die-cast motor housings, top-of-the-line motors. Most fans here will include some type of control system, and either come light fixture included or light fixture adaptable so you can further customize your ceiling fan. As well as blade options on some of the models for this high-end ceiling fan price range.

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600 - 699.99

Ceiling Fans for $600 to $699

Top-of-the-line ceiling fans with a unique style. Six hundred dollar ceiling fans to seven hundred dollar ceiling fans fall into their own little nitch of speciality ceiling fans. There are only a handful but with the selection available these are a truly beautiful, impactful, and great investment for any home.

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Ceiling Fans for $700 and Above

The elite of the elite in terms of ceiling fans, the most unique and truly incredible models available can be found here. Such as the Casablanca Candelier, Fanimation Palisades, Fanimation Palmetto, Casablanca 19th Century, and many more. These fans are definitely a focal point in any room or environment.

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