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Choose the Right Ceiling Fan Downrod Length

What size downrod does my room need?

Choosing the right ceiling fan downrod length and how high to hang your ceiling fan is important since proper placement affects optimum air flow, safety, and the look of your room.

Choose the Right Ceiling Fan Downrod Length

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The length of your downrod depends on the height of your ceiling. For safety reasons, a ceiling fan should always hang at least 7’ above the floor. Also, for maximum air flow there should be at least 10 inches of air space between the blades and the ceiling.
  • Low Ceilings

    If your ceiling is lower than 8’, you should get a flush mount fan; – one that attaches directly to the ceiling, and is often called a hugger fan. Since these fans do not have a downrod and sit very close to the ceiling they provide the maximum safety distance between floor and fan, but they don’t always have the best airflow since there is often not enough air space between the blades and the ceiling.
  • Standard Ceilings:

    If your ceiling is at least 8’ high, you may want to consider a fan with a short downrod rather than a flush mounted fan. Most ceiling fans come ready to install on an 8’ ceiling. This keeps the fan at least 7’ above the floor and still provides for good air flow.
  • High Ceilings:

    If your ceiling is higher than 8’, for optimal air flow and appearance you should try to hang your fan so that it is between 8 and 9 feet above the floor.

Downrod and Ceiling Height Recommendations:

Ceiling Fan Downrod to Ceiling Height -  Recommendations by

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