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Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Here in our Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan section you will find options to select your fan based on application. Whether the application for your ceiling fan is a dry, indoor ceiling fan - perfect for bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens. Or an outdoor damp rated ceiling fan, which are perfect for inclosed outdoor areas and covered patios. Or an outdoor wet rated ceiling fan, which are perfect for open patios and outdoor areas which are directly exposed to the elements.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans for outdoor use are broken into two categories:

Damp Ceiling Fans are your go-to fans for covered outdoor areas which can be very humid and damp but are not directly touched by rain. Perfect for your covered patio or porch, they can also be used indoors.

Wet Ceiling Fans are designed for your outdoor patios where the elements will directly affect the fan. Perfect for any scenario, these fans are built to withstand the rain and are the industry's top selling outdoor ceiling fan models. You can even clean them with a hose!

We have the Outdoor Ceiling Fan that's perfect for your home. Browse our outside ceiling fans and you'll find a large selection of patio fans that are outdoor rated.

Outdoor Damp

Outdoor Damp Location Ceiling Fans

Damp Location Ceiling Fans are designed for covered outdoor areas that do not receive direct water. They can be used in covered outdoor patios or porches since they are resistant to mist, dew, or moisture in the air, but they should not be exposed to direct rain or water.

Damp ceiling fans are also popular indoors since their designs are classy, often tropical, and always current. They are perfect for bathrooms where the heavy moisture in the air will not harm them.

Enjoy browsing!

Outdoor Wet

Outdoor Wet Location Ceiling Fans

Wet Location Ceiling Fans are designed for water - they can be outside in the rain or even washed off with a hose. They are perfect for outdoor patios, porches or gazebos where outside elements will directly affect the fan. The fans shown are the industry's best selection of outdoor ceiling fans for wet locations.

Indoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor Ceiling Fans are designed strictly for indoor use only and are not ul rated for the elements. However, you can always use an outdoor damp rated or outdoor wet rated fan and use it indoor but not vice versa. Indoor fans make up the majority of ceiling fans on the market and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to perfectly fit your application. Whether your application is residential or commercial there are all types of fans that work indoor. From bedroom to small spare rooms, laundry rooms to garages, kitchen areas to living rooms, even staircases and bathrooms. There is an indoor ceiling fan for all sorts of applications.

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