About Emerson Ceiling Fans and Accessories

Emerson Warranty?

All Emerson fans, with the exception of Heat Fans, carry Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty. This warranty covers the motors and the other components and accessories of your Emerson ceiling fan against all defects on workmanship and materials. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for details.

Where can I get Service for my Emerson Ceiling Fan?

Carroll Parts can be reached at 1-800-654-3545.

Can I use one wall or remote to control two fans?

Yes, you can. It is possible that fans will get out of sync with time as your body might block the signal to one of the fans. It is recommended to use a separate frequency control for each fan.

How do I re-program my control?

Every remote control has a different type of setup required. If the instructions for your control system are not available please call 1-877-332-6700 to talk with a live ceiling fan specialist who can walk you through the set up process.

Can I use the Emerson Low Ceiling Kit/Close-to-the-Ceiling Downrod with a RCK55, RC212, or RC2818?

Quite often people want the full function control system and would like their fan as snug as possible to the ceiling. While this application IS possible, it is however not recommended as it is very hard to piece these parts together to work properly. The downrod makes the canopy very snug and hard to work with in fitting the receiver together and could be problem some for installation. This is not recommended, and this setup can only be purchased via our toll-free number.

Can I order a new set of blades for my Emerson Fan?

All Emerson fans in which the blades are sold separately can be repurchased with a current or new finish. Note: Some fans / blades may have been discontinued and may not be available.

What is the difference between the K55XL vs. Direct Drive motors?

In 1986 Emerson introduced the top-of-the-line K55 motor with the Silent Rubber Hub becoming the industry standard for quiet and high performance motors. Direct Drive motors do not utilize this technology, though there is a price difference in between the two types of motors we definitely recommend the K55XL.

Emerson EcoMotors? What are the benefits of going with an EcoMotor?

Emerson’s new EcoMotor technology is the most energy efficient motor on the market. Up to 3 times more efficient than typical ceiling fan motors. The EcoMotor only uses 21 watts of energy, drives a higher degree blade pitch more efficiently, built-in 6 forward and reverse speeds with a proven design for reliable operation.

Everything St. Croix?

The St. Croix is special. It’s canopy can slope up to 52 degrees. It is not light fixture adaptable. You can reverse both motors independently. Has optional straps that can be purchased call our toll free 1-877-332-6700 for more information.