About Fanimation Ceiling Fans and Accessories

What blades are recommended for fans that are designed for Damp Locations?

The blade sets we recommend for fans that are designed for Damp Locations are the wicker, woven bamboo (any color/shape), or canvas. The only blade we would specifically discourage for use in damp locations is the natural palm leaf blade.

Which fan/blade combination provides maximum air movement?

The more narrow blades (e.g., the standard oar and the narrow oval) provide a greater amount of airflow. The use of heavier blade materials (e.g., bamboo or wicker) also increases airflow.

Non-Returnable Fanimation Fans?

There are a few fans within the Fanimation line that are specifically ‘built-to-order’. These fans are non-returnable. The fans are: The Americana, The Bourbon Street, The Punkah, The Brewmaster, and The Palmetto.

Will my fan come with replacement blades?

When ordering a fan with a palm blade set, you will receive two spare blades. The wicker, bamboo, canvas, and wood blade sets do not contain any spare/replacement blades.

Is the belting sold separately or included with your fan belt systems?

For the Fanimation belt-driven fans, the proper amount of belting is included with the fan. If you would like to purchase extra belting or you need to replace the belting on your fan, please call 1-877-332-6700.

How should I clean the blades on my fan?

Dust them regularly with a feather duster or soft dusting brush. Because of their coating and durability, the wicker, bamboo, and wood blades can be cleaned with a damp cloth.