1. When to Change Blade Rotation


    Fall is the perfect time to change the rotation of your ceiling fan. Use your ceiling fan to save energy on heating bills by setting it at a low speed in a clockwise rotation. This mixes the warm air trapped at the ceiling with cooler air at the bottom of the room - warming up the living space.

    To help understand, lie on your back looking up at your fan. Imagine the spinning blades are the arms of a clock. If those blades are moving clockwise, that’s the winter heat setting. If they’re moving counter-clockwise, that’s the summer cool setting.

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  2. Damp v. Wet Ceiling Fans


    Damp Ceiling Fans are your go-to fans for covered outdoor areas which can be very humid and damp but are not directly touched by rain. Perfect for your covered patio or porch, they can also be used indoors.

    Wet Ceiling Fans are designed for your outdoor patios where the elements will directly affect the fan. Perfect for any scenario, these fans are built to withstand the rain and are the industry's top selling outdoor ceiling fan models. You can even clean them with a hose! Learn more.

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  3. Where Your Fan Should Go

    Make sure that your ceiling fan is strategically located. Fans work by pushing air around the room and onto you. When the air makes contact with your skin, your body will feel cooler than the room temperature. This is known as the wind chill effect and it is an effective way of beating hot days. The power of a ceiling fan is in it’s ability to cool people, not rooms. That’s why running a fan in an empty room won’t work, because it has no opportunity to keep anyone cool. Make your home environment feel comfortable by placing a fan in the most frequented rooms.

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  4. Push Hot Air Out

    Does your house stay stuffy at night when the temperature has dropped outside? Try using a portable fan to exhaust hot air out of the house to bring the temperature down a few degrees. When hot air is guided outside, the decrease in pressure allows for cool air to flow more effectively. This simple tip should help your ceiling fan produce the best possible circulation...Give it a try!


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  5. Outdoor Ceiling Fans – Man’s New Best Friend

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    Outdoor ceiling fans are wondrous things. They bring a light breeze to even the most humid days, allowing you to enjoy your patio without suffering for it. Though some wonder, “Why not put a regular, indoor ceiling fan outside? Why bother getting one that’s specially made for the outdoors?” Indoor fans are great – indoors. If you want to put a fan outside, it has to be ruggedized and protected against the elements. Only outdoor ceiling fans have this. Make sure to get the right fan for the job.

    An indoor fan is like a white cat

    Indoor Ceiling Fans

    An indoor fan is a delicate, beautiful thing, like a fluffy white cat. They brighten up any room they’re in with an extra level of elegance. However, that perfectly groomed fur wouldn’t last long in the dirt or rain. A wet cat would be just as out of place as a wet indoor fan.

    An outdoor ceiling fan is like a golden retriever

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    An outdoor fan is gorgeous and tough, like a friendly golden retriever. Water dogs a

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  6. Kichler Ceiling Fans

    Kichler Ceiling Fans

    Kichler Terna Kichler Terna 15" Ceiling Fan

  prides itself on carrying a wide variety of high-quality fans in every shape, style and color imaginable. Now, we have the pleasure of introducing Kichler ceiling fans into our family.

    Not only does Kichler produce some of the highest quality ceiling fans on the market, but they love breaking the mold. Above, you see the popular Terna fan. Don’t be deceived by its size – this little 15” fan can still deliver a good breeze. Do you have a laundry room that gets unbearably hot? Or a small corner without room for huge fan blades? Look no further. The Kichler Terna was designed with small spaces in mind.


    Kichler Hatteras Bay Patio Kichler Hatteras Bay Patio Ceiling Fan


    The only thing worse than unbearable summer heat inside is not being able to escape by stepping outside. There’s little that’s more refreshing than a cool breeze on a lovely summer day, and the Hatteras Bay is there to make it for you. This beautiful, outdoor ceiling fan is perfect for a damp location, like a porch,

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  7. Halloween Ceiling Fans


    Halloween Ceiling Fans

    Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and we enjoy sharing it with all of our... fans. This Halloween, come visit our online store for all your ceiling fan needs and ideas!

    YouTube channel:

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  8. National Ceiling Fan Day 2015


    Be sure to take advantage of these manufacturer promotions during "National Ceiling Fan Day":

    *10% OFF all Monte Carlo

    *15% OFF all Fanamation

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  9. Power Down the AC on National Ceiling Fan Day

    national-ceiling-fan-day-promoBe sure to take advantage of these manufacturer promotions during "National Ceiling Fan Day":

    *10% OFF all Monte Carlo

    *15% OFF all Fanamation

    This September 18 marks the third annual National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD). More than 20 ceiling fan manufacturers, the American Lighting Association (ALA) and leading energy conservation groups invite everyone to join the fight to reduce energy consumption by turning off their central cooling systems and staying cool with ceiling, floor, desk and wall fans to save trillions of

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  10. Artemis -- Fan of the Week


    Artemis by Minka Aire

    No one who has seen the sleek lines of the Artemis can ever again say that ceiling fans are boring. With finishes ranging from liquid nickel to translucent to distressed koa wood (shown above), this ceiling fan is as stylish as you are.

    The unique Flying Vanes of the Artemis curve around the body of the ceiling fan. When in motion, the seamless movement is mesmerizing.

    Take a look at this one-of-a-kind design statement: the Minka Aire Artemis.

    Also, if you think three blades are cool, check out the even more unique Artemis with 5 blades.

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