Ceiling Fan Downrod Guide

Wondering which downrod to put with your ceiling fan ?
Find how high to hang your ceiling fan with our handy ceiling fan guide.

Do you know what size downrod you need for your fan? This downrod chart helps us to determine which downrod size you need for your fan based on the height of the ceiling.

For a ceiling below 8 feet, we recommend a flushmount or hugger fan. This is a fan without a downrod. This will keep the blades 7 feet off the ground. And in most states, code requires that the blades be at least seven feet off the ground.

On an 8 foot ceiling, we recommend the standard pole which is a 3 ½, 4 ½ inch downrod that comes with the fan. This will keep the blades at least 7 feet off the ground.

We also recommend the standard downrod on a 9 foot ceiling. However, some manufacturers will include a 6 inch downrod. If your fan includes a 6 inch downrod, we recommend it on a 9 foot ceiling.

This downrod, a 12 inch downrod, is perfect for a 10 foot ceiling.

For an 11 foot ceiling, we recommend an 18 inch downrod and this will have your blades 8 ½ feet off the ground. And this 2 foot pole is perfect for a 12 foot ceiling.

Likewise on the 13 foot ceiling we recommend a 36 inch downrod, and for a 14 foot ceiling we recommend a 48 inch downrod. Both of these will keep your blades 9 feet off the ground. There are longer sizes available for higher ceilings.

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