FREE SHIPPING - Orders over $49

Free Shipping sounds great doesn't it?

As of 8/4/2014 our FREE Shipping minimum order has been reduced to orders totaling over $49 (it was previously $150)

FREE Shipping is limited to items that are shipped via standard UPS or FedEx ground in the Contiguous USA (this excludes Alaska, Hawaii). FREE Shipping does not apply to the following: Oversized items or items that must be shipped via common carrier (see "Trucked Items" below), custom items unless otherwise noted on our website, trade account orders that have special pricing, price matched orders where the overall delivered price has been reduced to match or beat a competitors price where the competitor has a shipping charge, and items with unusual dimensions or packaging that require special handling. Multiple orders cannot be combined to meet the over $49 minimum for free shipping. If you need to add an item to an existing order and all or a portion of the order has already shipped, free shipping will not apply for the new item/order unless it is over $49. Call for details!

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii or anywhere outside the contiguous USA

FREE Shipping does NOT apply to Alaska and Hawaii or any other country or territory outside the contiguous United States!

Although our shopping cart allows orders from Alaska and Hawaii to be processed with apparent free shipping, these are exceptions that we must handle manually. If you place an order to be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii in our shopping cart, we will contact you with a separate quote for shipping. If you do not wish to pay the shipping cost, we will cancel your order before it is processed. If you live anywhere else outside the contiguous USA, please call us for a shipping quote.

Trucked Items

Items that are shipped via Freight Truck that are indicated as Free Shipping will usually be delivered to your curbside. We allocate $250.00 total for delivery of freight items to the curbside under our Free Shipping policy. If the cost to ship an item to your curbside exceeds $250.00, we may choose to have the item delivered to a freight terminal near you and you will be responsible for either picking the item up from the terminal or contracting with a local delivery service to pick up the item and deliver it to your home. We do not place a restriction of $250 for delivery to a terminal. If the shipping cost exceeds $250 for delivery to a terminal, we cover that additional cost. If there is an additional charge required to deliver an item to your curbside, we will contact you prior to processing your order and give you a freight quote so you can decide whether or not to go forward with your order. The same holds true for any item shipped outside of the contiguous USA. Additional charges can be expected if you live in a remote location, a location with unusual or difficult access, or location that requires a ferry.

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