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How to Size Your Ceiling Fan

Wondering which size ceiling fan to put in a room?
Robert from is here to help.

A fan 26 to 32 inches is ideal for a small room, like a walk-in closet, laundry room, or a small kitchen. This fan is ideal for a room 6' by 6' or smaller.

For rooms a little larger, we suggest a 42 to 44 inch fan. This is idea for a small bedroom or office, usually a room that is 9' by 9' or smaller.

For most rooms throughout your house, we recommend a 50 to 54 inch fan. This is ideal for rooms 10 by 10 or larger.

For great rooms, or the largest rooms in your home, we recommend a 60 inch fan, or larger. These fans are perfect for rooms that are 20 by 20.

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