Choose The Right Size Ceiling fan for YOUR Room

The Right Size Ceiling fan
for YOUR Room

Ceiling fan size is measured from blade tip to blade tip.

Fans for Very Small Rooms or Spaces:

For very small areas such as nooks, stairwells, laundry rooms, walk-in closets, or small bathrooms, we recommend 29" to 36" ceiling fans. These fans fit nicely into tiny spaces. Several of these mini ceiling fans are damp or wet rated and therefore designed to withstand frequent exposure to moisture like in bathrooms or outdoor patios.

20" to 36" ceiling fans

Wailea 31"
outdoor damp

Tilo 30"
outdoor damp

Fans for Small Rooms:

For rooms smaller than 9' x 9' we recommend 40" to 48" ceiling fans. These fans are ideal for small bedrooms, home offices, dens, and full bathrooms.

For bedrooms, whisper-quiet ceiling fans are often needed.

40" to 48" ceiling fans

Victorian 46"

Curva Sky 44"

Fans for Standard Rooms:

Standard rooms vary from 10'x10' to 16'x16' (100 to 256 sq ft) and includes large bedrooms, living rooms, and large kitchens. For these, we recommend 50" to 58" ceiling fans.

Powerful fans are significant in cooling rooms of this size. Under-sizing and under-powering fans often results in constantly running the fan at high speeds which increases energy consumption, delivers a stronger airflow which may be less comfortable, and can limit the life of the fan. Whisper-quiet fans should also be considered when selecting fans for bedrooms.

50" to 58" ceiling fans

Stealth 54"

Panama 50"

Fans for Large Rooms:

Large rooms such as family rooms, large living rooms, large master bedrooms, and outdoor patios (ranging from 289 to 400 square feet) are best with 60" to 72" ceiling fans. These fans provide a large cone of air and can provide cooling throughout the room. Making sure the fan has reasonable power and airflow (CFM's) is very important for this size fan.

Having a whisper-quiet fan can be very significant in bedrooms.

60" to 72" ceiling fans

Holliston 60"
uplight and

Loft 60" outdoor
energy star

Atria 68" outdoor

Fans for Very Large Rooms:

For great rooms, bonus rooms, game rooms, combination rooms, or any room or area larger than 400 square feet, we recommend using multiple standard size room fans ranging from 50" to 58" each. Powerful motors with high airflow (CFM's) are important.

Multiple 50" to 58" ceiling fans

Stealth 54"

Panama 50"


use at least one size larger.

Vaulted and High Ceilings:

Use one size larger. If your room has steeply vaulted or high ceilings, we recommend a larger blade than typical for that size room.

Unusually Shaped Room:

Call us. If your room is unusually shaped, or has inset ceilings, it may be best to call and talk to a ceiling fan expert directly. Give them a toll-free call at 877-332-6700. They love discussing ceiling fans!

When In Doubt:

Call us, or use a larger size. A large fan at slower speed